The Pakistan Heart Rhythm Society has served as the focal point of Electrophysiology in Pakistan since its inception. In the initial several years of the Society, the growth of Electrophysiology was steady but slow. More recently though, the numbers of Electrophysiology labs and electrophysiologists have started to show an acceleration of growth. The cardiology community in the country has witnessed the growing complexity in management of arrhythmias and have recognised the need for the sub-specialist. This need has been met by the several clinical training programs all over the country with many young colleagues joining the Society every year now. 

With the increase in numbers of electrophysiologists the role of Pak HRS is also evolving. Initially, the role of the Society was primarily to increase awareness of the specialty amongst physicians. Now its role has expanded to include creating educational opportunities for its members; building databases of patients and diseases; increasing community awareness of arrhythmias and being an advocate for patients to be have more access to EP facilities. Additionally, a major focus of the Society now is to push for an enabling environment for professional growth for new electrophysiologists, by lobbying the government and post-graduate certification bodies.

Pak HRS has been fortunate in having the support of members not just from Pakistan, but from outside the country’s borders who continue to support its activities and increase its reach. The Society is only as relevant as the engagement of its members in its activities and with the across board involvement of our members the future of Electrophysiology in Pakistan appears exceptional.

Dr Azam Shafquat

Professor and Head Cardiac Electrophysiology
National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases
Karachi, Pakistan